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Password generator

password generator is a simple app that helps you generate a strong password , random password and also a secure password for better protection

01 - password generator

A password is a combination of alphabet, numbers, and symbols that enables it to access or use a protected resource or service.

It is necessary not to divulge the password in order to avoid it falling into the hands of others so it opens the door for them unless they can access it without it.

Technically, the password is one of the weakest protections compared to other methods.

02 - Where to use the password

The password is used as a means of identification for the individual in many areas such as websites, forums, programs, computers or wireless networks to protect from hackers or information thieves.

03 - How to choose a strong password

A password is usually a set of letters, which may make sense. In some computer systems, it requires the use of numbers and other symbols to increase the difficulty of predicting them.

For example:

Weak Password: 123456789

Strong password: $DD,tgm!7N~R9r8;

04 - The most important things about a password

- Do not use popular passwords that can be easily predicted

- Not using a password for many accounts

- Do not use easy words that are easy for hackers or cyber criminals to find.

- Keep your password secret

05 - What to do if you forget your password

Most programs and reality allow you to have a password reset feature, some of it is easy, and some are a little difficult to do

The most important thing that is dealt with to reset the password is the phone number, e-mail, or e-mail of your friend you have previously chosen, or contact the site support you are subscribed to.

06 - Conclusion

We provided you with this simple application to enable you to generate a password according to your desire.

We always advise you to use a strong password and keep it in a memo or booklet so that you do not get lost

You can choose what you want from the settings. Password length, uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols

The default settings that we see appropriate for everyone are as follows :

- 16 password length

- Include Uppercase Characters

- Include Lowercase Characters

- Include Numbers

- Include Symbols

We do not save any password

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